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The Interview: Carles Tejedor

MAGAZINE - Dry Quizz


We must open ourselves to the world to evolve, learning to achieve our believes: work, humility and perseverance.

We interviewed Carles Tejedor, recognized for being one of the most important figures of the new Catalan cuisine.

From where did you get this passion for food?

Passion comes when you least expect it, you should always keep your eyes open and this is what happened to me when I was 13 years old and I began to work in a bakery, called Reig. There, I understood that our work is a way of living and understanding life. That same year I went to England and there I realized that my life was traveling, meeting and learning continuously and here begins my journey…

Your continuous innovation and sophistication in your dishes are a sign of identity. How do you manage the creative and gastronomic innovation processes?

The creative process must always come first: with barriers or limits, you do not get anywhere. Then, with all my team Oilmotion, we evaluate how to make dreams come true, thanks to this, now, reality lives through fiction.

 How would you evaluate the amazing recognition your kitchen has today?

When suddenly a cook like me, who loves his craft and working in the Ristol restaurant of Viladecavalls, gets a call from Monje’s family with the proposal of working in Via Veneto, you reach to understand that your dreams can come true. 32 years old and I was the top Chef of one of the best and most renowned restaurants in Barcelona. From that moment, they wanted me to start talking about cuisine in one of the world’s leading universities, Harvard, where I began to see the kitchen from another point of view, neither better nor worse, different.


Dry Martini welcomes you to their kitchen, what was the reason for this new gastronomic proposal? How did this collaboration with Dry Martinin begin?

Speakeasy is a unique place in Barcelona, ​​where I have the desire to consolidate and share my knowledge. This collaboration is the result of the relationship with Javier and the fact of combining our synergies to reach the bar and restaurant, which leads us to the same port: to make these areas one site.

How does Carles Tejedor see this new direction taken by Dry Martini with Speakeasy Bar and The Academy Kook.

Great, the place is unique, it is an establishment with more than 14 years of history that with great respect and humility we should be incorporating our know-how, without losing track that it is a restaurant and that it has a very high level; now I’ll contribute with some of my knowledge and experience. Speakeasy is a formal place where the products shine by themselves; they are number one with their new techniques. On the other hand, Academy Bar Kook is a more casual space, where there are no limits; but they always are respecting the culture of enjoying the cooking that they believe in: union and madness.

This proposal of cocktails and cuisine comes to us with Asian flavours. Why did you choose Asian cuisine to surprise us?

Asian cuisine is an amazing culture; above all, they respect their origins and traditions. China is one place where you can find amazing things and without taboos, we should teach them. The diversity of cultures and knowledge enrich a country and also its cooking and gastronomy. It has always happened, we have many products in our traditional cuisine that before were not ours, however now we wouldn’t understand our gastronomy without these products, like tomatoes, citrus, spices, potato, lamb etc …

Imagine Academy Bar Kook within two years. What has been the result of this commitment to a mix of cuisines?

The truth is that right now I do not see the result, but I definitely think that it should be in a  different space, not a place to share but to eat, a place where the season and the product has to lead the way, noodles and meat in a pot, bun of softshellcrab, lamb meatballs, etc .. We should transform the card to make it a living element, so that we can enjoy the product.

We must open ourselves to the world to evolve, learning to achieve our believes: work, humility and perseverance.

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