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Dad’s the way, a special creation to celebrate Father’s Day in Spain

MAGAZINE - Creations


A cocktail to celebrate the Father's Day.

Elegant, intense, ripe, with personality and spicy notes. That is the essence and the definition of DAD’S THE WAY By JAVIER DE LAS MUELAS, an attractive proposal for a perfect winter cocktail and a familiar celebration.

With flavour and a deep colour, this restorative creation is specially designed to pay tribute to all fathers.


The ingredients

– 2 drops Indian Spices Droplets.

– 1 drop Tonka Bean Droplets.

– 3 cl of hot water.

– 3 cl of Giffard Cacao Crème Liqueur.

– 6 cl of Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

Making the cocktail:

1. Serve all ingredients in a metal jar, except for those that have a decoration use.

2. Flame the cocktail, stirring and removing with a small spoon for 15 seconds.

3. Serve the cocktail in a glass and start decorating it with a raceme of currants and Bourbon vanilla.

Available in our venues located in Spain (except The Corner By Javier de las Muelas locations).

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