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Dry Martini London at Melia White House London

MAGAZINE - Dry News London


Iconic Barcelona Bar, Dry Martini , launches in London

The team behind iconic Barcelona Bar Dry Martini By Javier de las Muelas opens their first British outpost, Dry Martini in London, from 1st October at Meliá White House hotel. Led by the legendary Javier de las Muelas, Dry Martini in Barcelona has consistently sat within the World’s 50 Best Bars list for the past seven years and is considered an institution of international cocktail culture.

Bringing the skill and care that underlines Dry Martini’s philosophy to London, Bar Manager, Martin Siska, and his team will be serving a range of classic and signature cocktails.

A space that simultaneously celebrates heritage and innovation, Dry Martini will provide an unrivalled drinking experience. Located within Meliá White House, a Grade II listed building opposite renowned Regent’s Park, Dry Martini’s eclectic style sees contemporary design meet classic. The bar has been designed by Javier and his team.


A range of Spanish artwork curated by Javier adorns the walls. Pictures vary from hand-drawn impressions on the napkins of Dry Martini Barcelona, through to oil paintings by Keith Haring and portraits by Matias Krahn. The common thread throughout is Dry Martini’s celebration of artistry and culminates with a striking picture by Eugenio Recuenco behind the bar.

Dark wood panelling and a chequerboard floor are off set with pops of bright colour from the selection of mismatched classic style chairs and sofas. The copper-topped bar runs the length of the room, leading to a glass antechamber where shelves are lined with homemade syrups, tinctures, and interesting glassware. This space is the centre of innovation within the bar and guests can catch glimpses of the bar team creating some of the elaborate serves through the glass.


It is at the bar that the art of the perfectly made Martini is celebrated, with a three-metre section dedicated to creating this one iconic cocktail. Taking the lead from Barcelona, the team have brought the iconic ‘Martini counter’ to London, tallying the number of Martinis made at the elegant Martini station. With a choice of 80 gins guests can request their Martini of choice, or enjoy the recommendations of the talented and experienced bar team. Every time a Martini is ordered a stamped certificate is issued to the guest, continuing one of the bar’s traditions.

The menu features a range of classic and signature cocktails, which include Javier de las Muelas style updates on traditional serves. The Scented Negroni, a herbaceous take on the ultimate aperitivo style cocktail, combines Tanqueray No. TEN, Martini Rosso, Campari and Dry Martini’s signature Rosemary ‘Droplets By Javier de las Muelas’ – a range of essences created specifically for the bar.


Celebrating Dry Martini’s focus on experimentation and invention is the ‘Excentric’ section of the menu. The cocktails feature innovative techniques and ingredients as well as striking glassware. The Carnivore is served in a frozen flower on a bed of moss and dry ice, combining Pisco with Strawberry, Szechuan Pepper and Passion Fruit Juice. The Pipe serve features a bottle smoked with cherry tobacco and The Jigger is an updated take on the sharing element of Sangria – fresh seasonal fruit is mixed with Zacapa 23 and Bacardi Superior served in a porthole style vessel.

Dry Martini will offer a unique experience for guests. A place where history and invention are simultaneously present throughout the serves and décor, the sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere provide the perfect setting for enjoying a classic favourite cocktail, or discovering something new and exciting.

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