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DARK WISHES – Halloween Cocktail 2017

Dark Wishes was born with the desire to accompany you on the most disturbing night of the year. It is a seasonal proposal with flavors like spices, mandarin, figs or squash and dress with delicious aged rum. Happy & bloody Halloween. INGREDIENTS: 4 drops Droplets Indian Spices 1 teaspoon mandarin syrup 1 teaspoon pumpkin marmalade […]

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DRACS & ROSES – Cocktail Sant Jordi 2017

DRACS & ROSES By JAVIER DE LAS MUELAS is the new cocktail proposal to celebrate the Sant Jordi event. Love, culture and gastronomy come together to celebrate this day. INGREDIENTS: – 2 Drops Hot Chilli Pepper Droplets – 1 cl egg white – 1 cl  agave syrup – 3 cl grapefruit juice – 1 cl plum wine – 2 cl lychee […]

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San Valentín Cocktail 2017

CRAZY IN LOVE It´s time to relax, forget our daily concerns and ​live a special moment with our beloved couple; similar to a sweet and romantic song. INGREDIENTS: 3 drops Droplets® Green Cardamom 4 cl Cranberries juice 2 cl Oporto Rubí wine 10 cl Freixenet Cordón Negro ELABORATION: We remove the ingredients in the mixing glass except […]

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Xmas Cocktails 2016. Five exclusive cocktails based on traditional Christmas flavors such as nougat, winter fruits, cocoa … all them combined with liqueurs or cava. These are our five new creations: Xmas Carol, A mix of gin with pink grapefruit juice, cynar, green chartreuse, falernum and tamarinds, covered with fruits, flowers and aromatic herbs; Celebration, based on […]

Halloween Cocktail 2016 Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas

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Halloween 2016 at Dry Martini Bar

  Ingredients: -2 cl. of fresh lemon juice. -5 cl. of Mango Basis. -2 cl. of St.Germain. -3 drops of Tonka Bean Droplets ® -4cl. of Maker’s Mark Bourbon. Elaboration: Use a Julep glass. We should add in the cocktail shaker fresh lemon juice, Mango Basis, st-Germain, Maker’s Mark Bourbon and 3 drops of Tonka […]

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The cocktails are made with seasonal ingredients like pumpkin, chestnuts, honey, truffles, berries or edible flowers. The collection consists of the cocktails October Song, which combines vodka infused with chamomile, lime juice and apple. It is a harmony of ginger, quince, pear and citrus surprised by its originality; Autumnal, with rum syrup tangerine, pumpkin puree, […]

Martini Tonic Javier De Las Muelas

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Martini Rosso® Tonic with Indian Spices Droplets®

Ingredients: -3 cl. Martini® Rosso. -4 drops of Indian Spices Droplets® -15 cl. Schweppes tonic water. -1/2 orange wheel. Elaboration: Glass. Make a twist with the orange peel.

Receta Cocktail Collins por Javier De Las Muelas

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Cocktail Collins with Green Cardamom Droplets ®

Ingredients: -3 cl. Fresh Lemon Juice -2 cl. Cane syrup. -6 cl. Bombay Sapphire Gin. -Fresh Mint. -4 Drops of Green Cardamom Droplets ™ -10 cl. Soda Schweppes. -2 Lime Wheels. -1 Sprig fresh basil Elaboration: Use a tall and wide glass. We should add in the cocktail shaker fresh lemon juice, cane syrup, fresh […]

Speakeasy Workshop en Dry Martini The Academy By Javier De Las Muelas

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Speakeasy Workshop at Dry Martini The Academy

‘Speak easy, boy, speak easy’, says the barman during the prohibition era to its customers. The concept of mixing drinks, and drink for enjoyment emerged from United States. During Prohibition, those bars where the people could drink clandestinely were called ‘Speakeasy’. It was one of the most creative periods with alcohols of low quality, where […]

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25th Anniversary of Montesquiu Restaurant

From 23th until 29 of May, Montesquiu celebrates its 25th anniversary. An icon inspired in the old cellars and, actually, as a reference in Barcelona’s food culture. Renowned for a wide selection of excellent tapas, including the famous bravas, omelette shrimp, marinated dogfish, assortment of hamburgers, roast suckling pig, oxtail and tataki, consolidates its menu […]

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