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Presentación Maker’s Mark Cocktails Collection Barcelona

EL pasado 19 de Abril. Maker’s Mark de la mano de Javier de las Muelas, presentó en Dry Martini Barcelona, su colección de diez cócteles con nombres inimitables que demuestran la personalidad de este bourbon creado en una de las destilerías más antiguas del mundo, cuyos orígenes se remontan a 1840. Su aroma, su sabor dulce […]

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Masterclass de Simone Caporale en CETT

El pasado martes 19 de abril, a las 17hs. se celebró en el Salón Medes del Hotel Alimara, la Master Class de Coctelería de Simone Caporale , el bartender londinense de reconocido prestigio internacional. Javier de las Muelas , presentó a Simone que habló de su trayectoria profesional, de su proyecto actual y de la visión de futuro de […]

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Sant Jordi’s Day cocktail 2016

L’ELIXIR DEL DRAC By JAVIER DE LA MUELAS is a new cocktail proposal to pay tribute to Sant Jordi’s Day in Catalonia (23rd April). With a passion red as the traditional rose that are given away during this day, this drink commemorates the popular legend of ‘Sant Jordi’. Love, culture and gastronomy come together to […]

Cocktail Tom Collins

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Long Drinks: Tom Collins Cocktail

por Javier de las Muelas

The so-called long drinks, in which we could include some medium drinks, are refreshing and great for this time of the year. Their base is a distillate (rum, gin), accompanied by juices and, almost in every occasion, extended and complemented with soda or another soft drink. There are many families: Collins, its proportion: 3/5 parts […]

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This time, we are in front of a collection that includes ten cocktails with inimitable names, that demonstrate personality and that have one thing in common: the unique Maker’s Mark’s aroma. The ingredients used are grape juice, apple, vanilla syrup, and black chocolate or mint liquor, among others. Along with the most revolutionary presence, we […]

El whisky: origen, tipos y cocktails por Javier de las Muelas

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Whiskey: origin, types and cocktails.

The origin Whisky was born in Ireland and its elaboration spread quickly through Scotland. It is, basically, a cereal that distillates and grows in wooden barrels. The pioneers in formalizing the process of distillation were monks. From them, the procedure extended to farmers that started installing homemade still, to produce whiskey. In these days, whiskey […]

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Rita Hayworth and the Margarita Cocktail

Margarita cokctail recipe

The actress seduced and shocked many men and women, thanks to the famous Gilda’s scene, in which the actress removes her glove, in a very sensual way, while singing “Put the blame on Mame“. A scene that was censured in Spain, due to its alleged erotic nature. Hayworth, who used to say, “all men I […]

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Workshop & Cocktail Pairing Dinner Chiang Mai

Javier de las Muelas held a Martini Workshop at the Four Seasons Resort for local media. On March 26 Cocktail Pairing Dinner with Javier de las Muelas at Four Seasons. Celebrated mixologist Javier de las Muelas presented Dry Martini in Barcelona old-fashioned and reinvented cocktails together with some of the innovative creations that bear his […]

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The Clumsies – Athens

Past March 16th. our team join in ‪#‎50BestBars‬ pop-up event hosted at The Clumsies (Athens) making Amazon and Wild Wild Breakfast Cocktails The Clumsies Hotel Bar opened its gates in the center of Athens right next to The Clumsies and was housed in an impressive 100-year-old 2 storey mansion. The Clumsies’ team, restless as always, scrutinizes hotel […]

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Marlon Brando, an inconditional Gin&Tonic lover

Cocktail Gin Tonic

Marlon Brando, with that bad boy image that made him irresistible to many women over the years, was decades ahead of our tendencies, for he was an unconditional lover of Gin&Tonic. ABOUT THE GIN & TONIC Gin&Tonic is one of the most enjoyable and beloved drink for human beings. It was born in the early […]

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