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Cocktail Experience By Javier de las Muelas in Creative Signatures

Cocktail Experience, a online course in Creative Signatures (online gastronomy courses platform) where we will learn how to handle cocktail making using all of Javier de las Muelas techniques and secrets, creating cocktails with an exclusive and inimitable quality. The cocktail is a drink with centuries of history and evolution, even though it is worth underlining that in […]

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Dad’s the way, a special creation to celebrate Father’s Day in Spain

Elegant, intense, ripe, with personality and spicy notes. That is the essence and the definition of DAD’S THE WAY By JAVIER DE LAS MUELAS, an attractive proposal for a perfect winter cocktail and a familiar celebration. With flavour and a deep colour, this restorative creation is specially designed to pay tribute to all fathers. The […]

Fever Tree Nights at Dry Martini London

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‘Asian Influence’: New cocktail in ‘Fever Tree Nights’

In March of 2016, a new edition of ‘Fever-Tree Nights’, an after-work in collaboration with Fever-Tree UK hosted at Dry Martini By Javier de las Muelas at Meliá White House London. Every Tuesday our cocktail creation ‘Asian influence’ with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water is available from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. The recipe: – […]

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Two cocktails created By Javier de las Muelas with Sangría Mía by Freixenet

Two cocktails created By Javier de las Muelas for Freixenet with Sangría Mía by Freixenet only avalaible in Germany, to enjoy the winter following the traditional essence of spanish sangría and moments to share surrounded family and friends. COCKTAIL WARM HEART INGREDIENTS – 90 unit raspberry. – 90 unit blackberry. – 160 cl Mia Sangría Classic Royal. […]

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Dry Martini Madrid in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2016

During the Mercedes-benz Fashion Week Madrid 2016 in Dry Martini By Javier de las Muelas at The Gran Melia Fenix, we offer two creations inspired by the collections of the fashion designers Maria Escoté and Roberto Etxeberría. FASHION VICTIM COCKTAIL ‘Fashion Victim’ cocktail inspired in the María Escoté collection for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid 2016. INGREDIENTS: […]

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TVE “A punto con La 2” Interview to Javier de las Muelas

Interview to Javier de las Muelas , TVE magazine “A punto con La 2”   Javier de las Muelas


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French cocktail. The last tango in Paris

por Javier de las Muelas

THE LAST TANGO IN PARIS Maria Schneider and Marlon Brando were at the borderline of madness, devoted to an endless debauchery. Focused on, day after day, shootings and committed to passion. The first time they saw each other, in the apartment that they both pretended to rent, was epic, full of sensuality and animal sex. […]

Tendencias Mundo del cocktail 2016 Dry Martini By Javier de las Muelas

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The 5 trends that will define the cocktail world in 2016

1. The classics return in a very “strong” way Old recipes are a real discovery for the newcomers to the world of cocktails, a world that has more and more followers and that has a lot to do with the popular Gin & Tonic fever. During the midday, before a late lunch, no one can […]

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Madrid Fusión 2016 Ensaladas en coctelera

Javier de las Muelas defiende que la gastronomía no es sólo comida o, en el mejor de los casos, vino. La coctelería forma parte del mundo gastronómico y lo demuestra de una manera muy sencilla: con sus ensaladas en coctelera. Javier de las Muelas y su equipo nos demuestran que,  con instrumentos propios del mundo de […]

Pisco: colourless, fragrant, extremely seductive and delicately fruity

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Pisco: colourless, fragrant and delicately seductive

Pisco is a hard liquor with personality, a distillate that might remind you of Cognac or Armagnac that is produced from the grape’s juice. By a careful selection, development and a long history, today it is known as one of the most important Peruvian drinks. Origin of Pisco Pisco is linked to the Peruvian identity […]

LA cita del día

The wise never say everything he thinks, but he always thinks everything he says.


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