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THE DRY QUIZ: Martin Siska

MAGAZINE - Dry Quizz


'Throw me to the wolves and I`ll come back leading the pack’. One of his favorite quote.

Martin Siska, Bar Manager, is currently responsible for implementing the philosophy Dry Martini in London, whose basic principles are quality, professionalism and attention to detail and especially for the client.


The place that you love in your city?
My home.

Where would you take someone for a walk?
Walk by the river Thames.

A museum would not let visit?
British National Museum.

Your favorite shops?
Urban shops, SuitSupply, Nike Town, All Saints…

A restaurant that has something special?
Tuscanic (very small traditional Italian restaurant in Soho).

A dish not to be missed in this restaurant.
Steak tartar and Tiramisu.

Your favorite hotel?
Browns hotel (lot of history, oldest hotel in London with beautiful Donovan bar).

A bar that you should not miss?
Connaught Bar, Nightjar Bar…

Your favorite cocktail or drink?

Your favorite movie?
I dont have specific one, in general actions and thrillers.

Book you recommend?
Harry Potter.

A writer or artist who excites you?
Da Vinci and Salvatore Dali.

What irritates or annoys you most?
Stupidity and laziness of people.

The activity thought or place that you feel identified
Like to spend time in the gym when i have free time.

A citation, phrase or slogan.
‘Never give up on your dreams’.
‘Throw me to the wolves and I`ll come back leading the pack’.
‘Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you done’.

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