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Guru of Spirits



Paula Bonet, Javier de las Muelas y las bebidas espirituosas: Un mundo en común.

A campaign that emphasizes the quality of spirits, linked to its agricultural origin, to a carefully selected raw material and to a process of millenarian elaboration.

An initiative that focuses on the versatility and sensoriality of the Spirits and leaves behind the old idea, never better said, that can only be consumed by night, fitting perfectly on any occasion as the aperitif, brunch, desktop , the afternoon or the afterwork.


What can a painter and a bartender have in common? A priori, not much. But the truth is that they have more in common than you can imagine.


Paula Bonet, painter and illustrator, and Javier de las Muelas, bartender and businessman, have many similarities despite the provenance of their professional careers. Bonet and de las Muelas are among those who think that art is a tool that we can use to express infinite feelings and situations. Through art we can show the passion and dedication that two people feel in everything they do. And, also, demonstrate that thanks to it they discovered which is the motor that moves them inside. They use their creations to tell stories without using words, through the care and detail they put into each of them.

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