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Dear parishioners and friends, we are fully dedicated to the task of normalizing our activity to the maximum, with encouragement and positive energy! Wishing again to welcome you in our house and to welcome you very soon. Cheers!

Dry Martini The Academy is a multipurpose space adaptable to multiple formats.

Situated next to the Dry Martini, the mythical venue in which The Academy is inspired, this space is dedicated to the talent development. His large 7 meters bar is used to impart exclusive Masterclasses and workshops. The Academy is also used as meeting point and “work-together” area for the Dry Martini and Speakeasy Team

In fact, The Dry Martini Academy has an open view to the Speakeast kitchen as an inspiring and dynamic element of the space.


Córsega, 247, close to Dry Martini, 08036 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 217 50 80



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